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Meet Tameka

Owner and Founder of Events by Tameka

Tameka is a wife and mom, and in between she leads the creation of Events by Tameka.


Event styling was not something she aspired to do but God revealed talents she didn’t know she possessed. She did not predict her business to go this far nor that she would be sharing her creations with you and your families but it was all God’s plan. 


As she continues clients, she looks forward to styling your event with her unique approach of creating memorable events!

Meet the Team

The Dream Team is undeniably the biggest flex for Events by Tameka! They have been continuously told they move like a well oiled machine.


 Just like Tameka herself, they have all grown into positions to bring you flawless events.  


Tameka has been fortunate to build her company with people who love her and have her best interested at heart. 


She refuses to give them titles because they are too versatile!


 But let’s break down their specialty when it comes to Events by Tameka!


From left to right....

Kim keeps everything in check.

Anna makes sure your balloons are flawless. 

Gina gives you perfect table scapes.

Donna provides fresh floral arrangements and crisp linens.


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